Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Crafties

I love Halloween or as I say to my boys "All Hallow's Eve" and they correct me every time.  I made a crafty for my sister's family since she bought some vinyl and asked ever so sweetly if I would make her something..

I bought a frame from Michaels and then I took the backing for the frame and glued 2 layers on yellow tissue paper and then a layer of cheesecloth.  The vinyl (SU!) is on the glass.

This one I used a 10" ceramic plate from Tai Pan and then I put a layer of sticky tape around the edge of the plate.  I put black satin ribbon and folded it around the edge.  I glued the polka dot ribbon on the back of the plate so she can hand it or put on a plate stand.

Kristen and Nikole - I hope you love them!  xoxo

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Betsy's birthday is in October and I decided to make her a Halloween Wreath.

I had fun making this one and should've taken more pics...  I wrapped the wreath is strips of black satin material to give it the frayed look.  Then I took SU! paper to make the accents.  The fuzzy spiders are from The Dollar Tree :)

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